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Ads in Instagram

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Instagram is a social network associated with Facebook, which is mainly used for editing and sharing photos and videos. The Instagram community is a group of people and companies from all over the world who visit the app to share their experiences, interests and hobbies. 50 free instagram followers instantly here.

For business, Instagram is a place where shared graphic content inspires users to take action.


Instagram allows you to broadcast two types of ads: appear on the news and Instagram Stories. Instagram ads only appear on mobile devices with iOS or Android, and you need to have a Facebook page to promote Instagram. An Instagram account is optional, but it can be useful when advertising in this application. With it, you can respond to comments and interact with users who respond to your ad.


Companies succeed on Instagram thanks to brilliant creations created specifically for their recipients. Advertising on Instagram is a tool thanks to which you can contact all selected users that will allow you to realize your chosen campaign goals, such as: increasing brand awareness, expanding reach, attracting new users.


Instagram ads can appear in square, horizontal or vertical format depending on the configuration settings. You can add a photo and a short video to the ad or create a carousel that attracts users. Regardless of the format, when creating an advertisement on Instagram, you should remember the unique graphic form that should be highlighted by the advertisement, because this is the main value that may interest the user.


Instagram has always been a place where users share important life events. Instagram Strories lets you share events from your daily life.


Instagram stories are photos or short videos that users share and can only be viewed within 24 hours of publication. Instagram's advertising environment allows you to add full-screen ads that are displayed to other users. You can upload a photo or one video lasting no more than 15 seconds, but the ad format supported in relations with Instagram has only a vertical orientation.

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